Proactive, tailor-made advice 

Active listening and proximity allow us to identify specific objectives as well as develop a tailored strategy.

Rigor and technicality in a complex environment

The complexity and constant evolution of Tax law, together with the internationalization of assets and relations in most developed countries, require the configuration of a global asset strategy to achieve the dual objective of efficiency and legal certainty.

Pragmatic approach and follow-up

We highly appreciate personal relationships and strive to configure realistic solutions along with practical recommendations. We also make sure that the client and his advisors follow these recommendations.

Long-term approach

We aspire to build a long-term relationship with our clients, based on professionalism, ethics and trust.

Independence and spirit of cooperation

We are committed to working in positive cooperation with the client’s advisors.

Our experience and independence also allow us to involve, when necessary, competent and rigorous allies (notaries, private bankers, auditors, etc.) with whom we have developed close ties, both in Spain and internationally,